Crate Diggers (April ’17)

Finding music good music is always difficult. Crate Diggers is here to help make it a little easier, always with different artists and reasoning for our allure to the chosen tracks. I hope you enjoy the third edition.

Khary – Cowboy Bebop freestyle

Michigan born Provence, Rhode Island raised, Khari has begun to make a name for himself recently. He released his debut EP Intern Aquarium last year and was featured on Mass Appeal’s Emerging Artist list. Fairly comedic, he has been known to start his shows off with the line “my name is Khary, and I think I’m a rapper” while wearing his iconic yellow raincoat, despite the weather.

If the anime references to Cowboy Bebop and One Piece isn’t enough to make you see where this guy is coming from the inner-dialogue should be. The keys in the background with the beat is constantly changing, which ensures the track never gets boring. All of this along with Khary’s unique cadence mix well, especially when added with the playful similes scattered througout.

“I don’t like that line. Fuck it I already wrote it.”

Jay Prince – When I Die
This 24 year old artist from London has become well known in the UK. Many have compared his flow to Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad, but it is recognizeable in its own right. Having already released two EPs and completed a few tours, one of which ended in Coachella, he has spread his fan base to the States as well.

I tend not to like this style of Hip Hop, with a simple rhyme scheme and an extremely slow beat with little complexity. Yet, there’s something very alluring about this track. The simplicity is calming while leaving you anxious. By far, the best part of this track though is the hook.

“Yeah that’s right when I die better play my song at the service. I don’t wanna see no phony niggas at the funeral. They don’t deserve it.”

Brady Watt – Youth in Revolt ft. Michael Christmas

Harlem based producer Brady Watt pulls Boston rapper Michael Christmas to bless the track of this song. Brady Watt is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments and is currently traveling on DJ Premier’s live band The BADDER Band.

This cinema-inspired track comes out with a high speed tempo and Michael Christmas comes out just as fast with his comedically weird style. So fast, in fact, that many might not catch the fear of political suppression that song represents.

“Malcom X, Martin Luther, can’t save you. No, they’ll shoot you.”

Lou the Human – Slim Buddha

Hailing from Staten Island, New York, Lou the Human has started to make ripples after his 2016 track Brink. With a Eminem and punk influenced style, he seems to rap intellectually and comedically.

Lou’s delivery is high pitched and sounds like he’s always on his last breath creating a hurried feeling. This hurried delivery paired with the slow beat creates an interesting feeling that’s hard to describe but great to listen to. Lyrically, the song has a derang sense of humor comparable to a Quentin Tarrentino film.

“I’m on a diet, fact I only eat rappers.”

CashUs King – Good Riddance ft. Blu

CashUs King also known as Co$$, is an artist born and raised in the iconic jazz and Hip Hop influencing Leimert Park, California. Claiming to do his craft for the thugs, nerds, and scholars; he is both a “conscious rapper” and “street rapper.”

In this track featuring one of my favorite artist, Blu, the two of them trade banter while flexing the lyricism and asking for the respect they deserve. The complexity of each of the duo’s rhymes are on a different level than the other songs on this list, which can be attributed to their experience as an artist. Co$$ shows that its his track with his hard opening and closing bars which resonate as hard as the beat.

“I penetrate the brain and moonwalk on the astroplane.”

Did you like this playlist or did you prefer the first and second edition of Crate Diggers?? Let us know in the COMMENTs!!


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