UDEF 6 Month Recap

The Pro Breaking Tour is a event series occurring across the U.S., Canada, and Europe sanctioned by the Urban Dance and Education Foundation with 34 stops on the tour. Since the tour recently passed the halfway point, let’s take a look at the winners so far.

Of the 34 stops on the UDEF sponsored tour, each event is classified under 4 tiers according to size and recording requirements; with increasing points and requirements from the Satellite series, Future series, Challenger series, and Champion series. Along with the harsher requirements, points and prize money also increases with each event series, the two Champion series events (Freestyle Sessions and Silverback Open Championships) have a $250,000 in prizes each.

This year, the Undisputed World Series event has been added to the Champion Series. I’m unsure if this means the prize money is the same. If it is, that would be a big pay-off for one-on-one

1st Stop: Chill in the City, Paris (Satellite Series)

The first tour stop was on January 21st, Break League J5 in January. The 2v2 battle was between Lucky Dra and Noé versus Immigrandz’s Medhi and Nasty. Lucky Dra and Noé took the win.

2nd Stop: Rhythm Spotlight XIV, Pensylvania (Satellite Series)

A week later on January 28th, also 2v2 battle, the second stop had Retro Flow’s Valme and Supa Josh versus Straight Outta Jersery’s Lobzter and Mikey. Retro Flow came out on top in the fierce battle.
3rd Stop: Head Bangerz Brawl, California (Future Series)

This event was the first of the February destinations, on February 11th, and the first 3v3 battle of the tour. The finals matched up Last of a Dying Breed (LODB) against Phase II One Eyed Bandits. LODB emerged victorious in this battle.

4th Stop: Shadow Styles 5, Hawaii (Future Series)

On February 17th the 4th event in the series but the first of the 1v1 battles pitted Hijack against JayD-illa. Hijack ended up besting JayD in the finals.

5th Stop: Havikoro 18th Anniversary, Texas (Future Series)

The first of the March events was 2-day event, 4th and 5th, and another 1v1 battle. In the finals we saw Gravity go against Dtex, with Gravity the victor. Unfortunately the video has not been posted anywhere I can see so the video above is their battle last year at Breakbeat Cowboys.
6th Stop: Chill in the City, Paris (Satellite Series)

This March 18th once again brought us to France for Break League J7’s 2v2 battle, making it the second European stop of the tour. This time around, the finals put Funky Belgianz against Tekken Crew. Funky Belgianz took the title.

7th Stop: Ruthless VI, New Jersey (Future Series)

This event marked was one of three April 1st events on the tour with a 1v1 and a 2v2 battle. For the 1v1 Church of Elusives and Heavenz crew came against Kilo of Titans crew. Church won the bout.
In the 2v2 battle,  Stedlove and Born of MZK crew roughed it up against United Outkast. MZK pulled the W for this one.
8th Stop: Master the Art 14, Michigan (Satellite Series)

Also on April 1st, this event held a 3v3 battle for the tour. The finals had Ice Box with Mario, Curt Rage, and Shaggy against GTA 6’s Tricky Troubles, Tim J, and Matt Dee. Ice Box took it all in these finals.

9th Stop: Circa, Nevada (Future Series)

The last of the April 1st events was a 2v2 battle with  Knucklehead Zoo against the Wizards. Knucklehead Zoo came out victorious in this bout.

10th Stop: Rock Harder III, Canada (Future Series)

This April 9th battle is part of the Freestyle Sessions series, which qualifies the winner for the final Word Finals event and the chance to win $7,500. It held both a 1v1: Phil battle and a 2v2 battle. In the 1v1, Phil threw-down against Burn. Phil came out on top.
The 2v2 had Sweet Technique versus Onton and Dosu. The sweet techniques of Sweet Techniques pulled through in the end.
11th Stop: Royalty, Illinois (Future Series)

Taking place on April 29th, this event was the first of the 4v4 events. The finals housed the stylings of  Knuckles X Kings  with Thesis, Onyx, Pnut, and Stedlove as well as Monster Bboys’ Gravity, Jeremy, and Zeku. Knuckles X Kings pushed through with the W for this one.

12th Stop: Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8s, Connecticut (Future Series)

On May 6th, this event had a crazy 8’s and a 1v1 event. Zeku came back to win the crazy 8’s event while the 1v1 pitted DQ against Nebz. DQ was the victor in this battle.

13th Stop: RBC Invitational Bboy Battle, Vermont (Future Seires)

A day later, May 7th, brought an invitational battle that was sure to be hype with competitors such as Gravity, Moy, Tata, and Zeku . In the end we saw El Niño win the event.

14th Stop: Freestyle Sessions, Minnesota (Future Series)

May 7th housed the first 5v5 battle, bringing us to the half-way point of the tour. This event is also a qualifier for the Freestyle Sessions World Final, one of the $7,500 prized event. The finals had Knuckleheads Cali versus Rad x MZK in the finals. Knuckleheads Cali took the win for this event.

15th Stop: Massive Monkees Day, Washington (Challenger Series)

This massive event held on May 20th was the first of the Challenger Series. It had a 1v1 footwork master battle, and a 3v3 battle. For the 3v3 battle, Holland’s Hustle Kidz went against Monster Bboys and Hustle Kidz came out victorious. In the Footwork Master event, the finals had Wing Zero versus Box Cutta, with Box Cutta as the winner.

16th Stop: Chill in the City, Paris (Satellite Series)

Yet again, Paris housed a 2v2 battle Break League J9 event on May 27th. There is no footage of the final battle but it was Lunatik Vie (Pac pac and Shaymin) versus From Downtown (Kae & Run), With From Downtown as the winner. The videos above are the semi-final footage.

17th Stop: The Mutany, New York (Future Series)

On the weekend of May 26th, this 1v1 battle showcased Pops against Lokito in the finals. Pops took the victory for this event.

18th Stop: Culture of 4, California (Future Series)

This past weekend, June 10th, was Culture of 4, the first of the June events with a 2v2 event. In the finals, we saw Killa Docious vs Renegade So Fresh. Killa Docious (Saewl and Lil Rock) won the event with force.

Sources: YAKbattles, udeftour, facebook

Want to hear more about bboy events?? Let us know in the comments!!


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