Crate Diggers (March ’17 Edition)

Finding music good music is always difficult. Crate Diggers is here to help make it a little easier, always with different artists and reasoning for our allure to the chosen tracks. I hope you enjoy this first edition. 

Be sure to check out the second edition.

Sylvan Laclue – Grateful

Formerly known as QuESt, this rapper Miami based rapper claims his influences to be Nas, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Common, R-Kelly, and Coldplay among others. After a number of ups and downs he was recently announced as part of XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class.

Grateful graces this list thanks to its melodic beat and positive message that all should be able to relate to. Sylvan uses his storytelling style to discuss the common overlooking of the joys in life while staying true to his music ministry that helped him hone his craft.

“Even when the sun shines from eyes I still find a way to go blind.”

Clear Soul Forces – Get No Better

Clear Soul Forces is a 4 man group hailing from Detriot, Michigan with the styling reminiscent of old school Hip Hop. The group was scrapped together thanks to an all-night studio session became a 9-hour rhyme fest to impress Royce Da 5’9″.

Get No Better  is CSF’s lead single off their debut album. First off, this beat is banging. It gives off a golden age Pharcyde-feel and Clear Soul uses it perfectly as their lyrical playground. The interweaving of each members verses meld in a way that’s hard to describe but easy to appreciate.

“We animals lock us in cages, no zoos just a concrete jungle we fucking made.”

Yancey Boys – The Throwaway

Yancey Boys is a 2 man group consisting of Illa J and Frank Nitt, after their joint Delicious Donuts tour. For you J-dilla fans who are unfamiliar with Illa-J but find Yancey familiar, Illa-J is James “J-Dilla” Yancey brother.

The Throwaway is another track on this list that has an impressive beat that bangs with complexity. Illa verses surprised me with his syncopated bouncy playful style which goes well with what sounds like an echoed congo in the back. Frank’s  cadence seemed a little weird during his first bar but quickly becomes just as entertaining.

“For all the progress I’m making, for all the cash that I’m stacking, for all the flows that I’m rapping, you fools are forever slapping.”

Oddisee – Own Appeal

This half Sudanese artist hails from Washington DC. He is currently bouncing back-and-forth from his hometown, Brooklyn, and London while collaborating with the likes DJ Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, and Asheru to name a few.

Oddisee is an artist that constantly raps about complex extistisential thoughts and this track is no different. Rhyming about the lack of time in life and how death is always an arm’s reach away while constantly striving for a goal, he takes you on a trip not for the feeble minded.

“I’m attracted to the lights in the distance. The closer that I get and the brighter my wish gets.”

Bas – Clouds Never Get Cold

Bas is the newest addition to J Cole’s Dreamville Records making noise. Hailing from queens his debut Last Winter was recently released.

Bas has an amazing cadence and is comical with his lyricism which is shown in this track. He has also developed a rap singer style not too uncommon from J Cole and Chance The Rapper, whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you. Content wise, this song touches on the all-to-common topic of the inability to feel love in a slightly interesting way.

“I got no tic for her, I got no time, but I got some dick for her now.”

Like our choices or completely disagree? Tell us WHY in the comments!!


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