Top 4 Hip Hop Themed Anime

Can you imagine Hip Hop interpreted into a vividly colored art piece with a plot? Yeah, that would be graffiti, but imagine a moving dramatic plot that doesn't end in 5 minutes. That would be this list of Hip Hop themed anime.


Spotlight On: Crazy A (Japan’s Hip Hop Don)

Known as Japan’s Hip Hop Don, this man has influenced the scene for over twenty years. He has influence from his Rock Steady ties, rap career, and his creation of the infamous Bboy Park.

Interview with ENER Konings

Social media not only helped me find this article, but it helped the writer find the artist. #graffitilife #lovesocialmedia


It’s times like these we are extremely glad that social media exists because without it, we may never have got to see his work, as most of his pieces can only be found in Kristiansand, Norway.

Known for his paste-ups, which are primarily of women, his simplistic design and use of colour really make these pieces stand out in the areas he installs his work. It’s no wonder that a lot of ENER Konings images have been some of our top pics over the last few months.

ENER took time out to speak to us about his work. Enjoy!

You originally got involved in the urban art scene as a photographer and fan. What was it about this medium that interested you?

I’ve always been interested in art, so it’s hard to say exactly where this passion began. But I can relate it to something my grandmother told me as a…

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