Spotlight On: Bgirl Ayumi (making history)

Born in Tokyo raised in Kyoto, Bgirl Ayumi is a member of the infamous Body Carnival crew. Ayumi Fukushima has been breaking since she was 21 years old. She was inspired by her sister and fellow Body Carnival member Bgirl Narumi. While studying abroad in Vancouver, Canada she started her breaking career.

Before returning to Japan in 2007 she took the win in the Massive Monkey Day Bgirl Battle and Hawaiian Hip Hop Bgirl Battle. Since then she’s been snatching up titles every year at events such as IBE’s 2008 & 2009 4v4 Bgirl Battle, We B-girlz 2010 finals, Urban Connection’s Bgirl Battle 2011 & 2012, New Taipei Bboy City’s 2013 2v2 Bgirl Battle, ¬†Dragonstyle’s 2014 9th Anniversary 2v2 Battle, Freestyle Sessions’ 2015 World Finals 2v2 Bgirl Battle, Battle Europa’s 2016 2v2, and Outbreak Europe’s 2017 2v2, just to name a few.

Along with the numerous battles, judging, workshops, and exhibitions; she manages to teach at an elementary school. She is one of the coaches for the 2018 Youth Olympics Game, which will be the first ever event with a breaking competition.

Though that is remarkable on its own, most recently and most historically she is the only female to be invited to Battle of the Year’s 1v1 battle as well as the first female participant to be competing in the upcoming Red Bull BC One competition (also by invitation). She’s making history and will definitely be remembered for years to come.

That ground breaking revelation comes with more good news for Japan because after Bboy Issei took the first BC One title last year, this year the two will be joined by Bboy ShingekiX to make a whopping 3 japanese contestants vying for the title (first time for Japan). The question is who will take the title. With a resume like this Ayumi is definitely a contender.

Do you think she can be the first female champion for BC One?? Let us know in the comments!!

Souces: deadspin, bodycarnival, dancealive



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