The Wonders of Editing: Battle of the Gods – Kmel vs Ivan

This years Battle of the Gods event pitted Vicious vs Kosto, Freeze vs Pervez, but the most hyped battle of the night was Kmel vs Ivan. Kmel is known for not attending large events and coupled with the fact that these two haven’t battled in a years created ancipation since it was announced. It was so hyped that it even spawned a teaser trailer. For those who watched the live stream it was a bit of a let down. 

Here is the edited version.
Watching this version you can see the battle was as expected. The energy of the crowd was on par with the level of the contestants, unbelievably high. The techniques of both Kmel and Ivan was what you would expect of a battle between bboy gods. DJ Lean Rock laid down amazing tracks for the two. It was outstanding. 

Now check out the full version.

Kmel and Ivan both could smoke me to the point of needing a skin-graph but lets put that aside for now. Now, I understand Kmel changing into a shirt that says “I smoked u in 99” (a reference to the battle at bboy summit 99), but two wardrobe changes in a battle. I just don’t understand the logic in that, it drew out the battle and almost killed the energy both times. Luckily Ivan kept the crowd hype which made the edited version energy seamless. 

However, whether you were outraged at his costume changes or not, Kmel’s speech at end (15:17 ) was inspirational and seemed heartfelt.

How did you like the battle? What did you think of Kmel’s strip dance performance? Let us know in the comments!!


4 thoughts on “The Wonders of Editing: Battle of the Gods – Kmel vs Ivan

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  1. I went to watch the edited version, as I’m short on time at the moment. It was unfortunately unavailable to me. Did grab a few minutes of the full, then fasted to the speech. All enjoyable!
    So much better a battle than war.


  2. Tbh I look up to both bboys ! So, it is hard for me to choose which person “won”. I am hardcore a kmel / boogie brats fan though. In this battle i just feel like his injury held him back a lot and made me pretty sad :/ Also, I like how kmel has those antics (bringing a bag with el nino or prada in it), but I feel he just did it too much in this battle lol.


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