Crate Diggers: June ’17

Making music that much easier here’s another edition of Crate Diggers. Always with different artists and reasoning for our choices, each track is made to help you find amazing songs. I hope you enjoy the fourth edition.

wifisfuneral – joe budden probably thinks i can’t rap

Choosing his name after his DJ’s best friend committed suicide, Wifisfuneral has been chasing a career in rapping since he was 8 years old. Currently unsigned and labeled as a SoundCloud rapper he is on his grind making a name for himself

Set to an asianic-sounding eerie melody and starting off with nonsense mumble Wifis follows through with a crisp cadence pairing well with the heavy bass drum. Though the track is extremely short it is very captivating.

Daedelus – alright (daedelus werk)

Daedelus is a well-known music producer who has be performing for the better part of a decade. Based in Los Angeles, he has been known from collarborating with artists like Busdriver, Bilal, Pigeon John, and much more; continuously merging different genres making it difficult to label his music.

This remix of Kendrick Llamar’s Alright is absolutely amazing. From the choppy intro to the faster tempo lyrics this mix gives the song a faster tempo, increasing the  anxiously uneasy mood of the original track to new heights.


An artist that should need no introduction,  from the infamous Wu Tang Clan to his solo albums and acting career, Method Man has amazing tracks littered throughout his career.

It’s been awhile since he’s had a new track and this one doesn’t disappoint. The featured artists on Eviction are all amazing in their own right as well. All of these artists cadence match well with the gritty heavily New York influenced beat while continuing the theme of freedom and self-confident pride.

“Niggas tried to rob me turned into a fucking mystery, Trappin’ ’til I got like 50 thousand on the wrist of me”


Signed to Hopsin’s Funk Volume label in 2011, Dizzy Wright might seem to have a young career but that is far from the truth. With both Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Layzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone members as uncles, he was exposed to the music industry at a young age: having joined a group with his brother at 8 years old, being a youth reporter for the BET awards, and appearing on 106 & Parks’ Wild Out Wednesday.

The mellow strings combined with the heavy bass, simple high hat, and Dizzy’s playful cadence makes this track amazing. All of this helps push his message of striving for success in a somewhat entrancing way.

“All about winning I’m Jordan back in ’95 and 6. I wanna get wealthy, if you not gonna help me then mind your biz.”


Rare Treat is an experimental trio combining artists Myke Bogan, The Last Artful, Dodgr and Neill Von Tally. After releasing an EP they recently released a compilation album composed of remixes of the former albums. This track was remixed by one of my favorite MPC legends Exile while featuring Choosey, an artist that has collaborated with Exile before.

In the track, Exile exercises his mastery of loops, synths, and matching drum beats to the lyrical stylings of the rapper. This style creates a symbiotic track by melding every aspect of the track while creating an image of the morning like the title suggests.


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