3 Ways Internet Has Killed Hip Hop: Breaking, Graffiti, and DJ

We’ve all heard how video killed the radio star and some are aware of the internet’s death toll. Internet has been assassinating things from travel agents, print (magazines, books, and newspapers), and cable television. Now it has its sights on Hip Hop.

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Instagram Graffiti Star

From simple words to elaborate paintings, graffiti writers have covered walls across the world and for years grafffiti has been synonymous with vandalism. Despite the legal dangers each peace has artists have constantly created master-pieces time-and-time-again to reach fame. The daringness each writer has to create their art is respectable and the most famous of writers were respected not only for their skill but that devotion of their craft against all obstacles, that is until Instagram changed everything.

Nicol Harding wrote an article about writers who used their Instagram to gain fame from their legal walls while leaving those who work in the classic write-and-dash method behind. So no the devotion and daringness of graffiti is slowly being diluted thanks to Instagram. Additionally, artists are no longer judged by other graffiti writers but gaining fame from anyone who has an Instagram account. Some of these accounts are other graffiti writers but the majority are toys (inexperience writers), meaning the quality of an Instagram-only famous writer isn’t necessarily good.

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Breakin Explosion

The breakbeat bore the first bboy. The bboy caught the eye of the media. The media spread breakin to the world. All of this was possible because every move was fresh and new. Every new move was flipped and changed into a newer move.

The problem that the internet has is accelerating the spread of information. Nearly every bboy jam can be seen on video streaming sites like YouTube, which means every move can be seen. Like I mentioned earlier, every new move will be flipped and changed into a newer move, but there are only so many variations possible. Due to this, the evolution of breakin has siginificantly slowed down.

The internet has even ruined one of the purest gems of breakin, the bboy jam. Cross 1 of Freestyle Sessions mentioned in a Strife TV post how internet ruined Bboy jams. In the comment he mentions how the crowd in a jam has seen so many events online that everyone’s expectations are practically impossible to meet. From the decor, to the music, and even the dancers themselves, nothing is satisfactory.

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DJ’s use to rule. Whether it was on the radio, at a club, or at your cousins quinceanera every song that came from the DJ was well selected after months of scavenging for a track that would make the crowd go wild. Though requests might possibly be played it wasn’t always, because the DJ ruled the scene. This changed when the internet grew.

The internet brought us streaming services and social media. These streaming services allow listeners to buy a single track at a low price, as opposed to a full album, while giving artist a smaller revenue. Simultaneously, streaming services allow any an all artists to promote their music as fast as possible while overwhelming the amount of listenable songs, making it hard to stand out and remain relevant. As a result, artists create more music frequently creating a large supply of songs and the demand for songs is fairly stagnate. Normally this would create a chance for DJ’s to carefully mine this large supply and have amazing lives, if it weren’t for social networks.

DJ’s, as with other music artists, are trying to stand out and stay relevant among this over growing music revolution. Live concerts are the best way to achieve this. If someone has an amazing live they tell others through social media networks (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) Whether a positive review or a negative one, social networks have made it easy to reach millions with a personal critique. This has made artists a slave to social media. While DJ’s were mixing songs that they thought listeners would love, they are now mixing songs listeners have proven they love by downloads on streaming services.
Do you know other ways the internet has ruined Hip Hop?? Let us know in the COMMENTS!!


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