Tracklib: Making Sampling Into An Easy 3-Step Process

From breakbeats to rap, one of the biggest things to advance Hip Hop Culture is sampling. Digging through thousands of albums to find a piece of song and using it to create something new has become an art form. However, with this advancement  came copywright legal issues, none more famous than Biz Markie’s loss in court over his Alone Again track resulting in his album All Samples Cleared. Tracklib, a Swedish run startup, has created a fix.

“Tracklib is a new licensing and revenue model that works for everyone. We believe it will completely revolutionize the music industry. We can’t wait to hear what people will create using Tracklib. What iTunes did for downloads and Spotify did for streaming, Tracklib will do for sampling.” – Pär Almqvist, CEO and Co-founder of Tracklib

Tracklib is a site that stores samples and licenses them. Sampling can usually take months and be expensive with legal costs added unto the licensing cost. Tracklib bypasses both of these issues by providing pre-licensed samples in 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Dig through the Tracklib catalogue of music.

Step 2: Buy the sample.

Step 3: License it.

To find out more you can check out the video below or go to the Tracklib website.

Source: djtools, tracklib
Did you ever think it would be this easy to sample or do you think it’s an unneccessary process?? Let us know in the COMMENTs!!


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