Crate Diggers (April ’17)

Finding music good music is always difficult. Crate Diggers is here to help make it a little easier, always with different artists and reasoning for our allure to the chosen tracks. I hope you enjoy the second edition.

Don’t forget to check out the first edition.

Nas – Angel Dust

Nas is an artist that has always impressed, since her fist album Illmatic, which many consider to be the best rap albums of all time, until now he has always been dropping amazing music. He is an artist that needs no introduction.

This song comes off of the second season of Netlfix’s original show The Get Down. The song corresponds so well to the third episodes drug dealer with a conscious theme and with the times that the show depicts.

“Angels with dirty faces, angels with broken wings. The devil’s dust, PCP, invaded blood streams.”

J Period – Rise Up ft. Black Thought, Posdonuos, Pharoah Monche & Joss Stone

J Period is a mixtape DJ that has worked with numerous artists including Nas and Lauren hill and created songs that have been used for movies such as American Gangster.

He recently brought legends from De La Soul and The Roots together with Pharoah Monche together making for a historically epic song. All three emcees push splendid bars out with Joss Stone’s magnificent voice blessing the hook. Lyrically, the song can be seen as an anthem for political activism and unity.

“My words reach a million or more when I tweet it, that’s as many people as MLK and Jesus, in half the time.”

Danger Doom – Mad Nice ft Black Thought & Vinny Price

Danger Doom is the genius collaboration of producer Danger Mouse and MF Doom. Both critically acclaimed with Danger Mouse being responsible for the Beatles’ White Album & Jay Z Black Album mash-up The Gray Album and MF Doom being considered a genius for both his productions and his rhyme skills.

This track uses a creepy laugh track in unique fashion to correspond with the seemingly simple melodic beat. The sample has a heavy classic MF Doom feel, resembling many of his iconic songs.

“My birthday came. Instead of selling me a promise, my mom was dead honest. Like “Yo we ain’t got it.”

Lupe Fiasco – Kneeling on Needles

I’ve been a fan of Lupe since his first album Food & Liquor. He came out with such intensity and then at some point the media labeled him has mentally unstable, like they have with many artists who logically oppose the government… but I digress.

In this new track he continues his fight agains societies ignorance and the government. Lyrically he drops shoutouts from Chance The Rapper to Colin Kaepernick supporting their humanitarian efforts and beat wise the piano is fire.

But its hard to believe that people still believe Jesus was white

Edo Lee – Black Coffee

One of the founders of Budo Kiba Collective, Edo Lee is a beat maker hailing from the NYC. Not much is known about him personally but his jazz influenced beats has made a lasting mark on my music radar.

This track uses a sample of 1950s jazz singer Peggy Lee for the only lyrics in the song. This along with the simple beat and complexly layered insturmentals makes for a very relaxing beat, I might just use this as my Saturday afternoon wake-up alarm.
Have you heard of these artists before?? Tell us what you thought in the COMMENTS!!


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