Iconic Graffiti: WWII’s “Kilroy Was Here”

The two biggest moments covered in all world history books is World War I and II, one of which housed a global graffiti movement. The first modern-day graffiti movement, Kilroy was here.

 Source: Kilroywashere

No one truly knows where it originated, rumored to have originated from a Bethlehem Steel shipyard tank inspector who angrily marked the top of a tank in yellow crayon after being continuously acused of not checking many tanks. Others believing it is originated from the Britain’s Mr. Chad doodle that comments on the shortage during the same war. While others believe it to have come from the Australian Foo was here which was popular in World War I. The kilroy mark contains a balled long-nosed man character peaking over a fence, similar to both Chad and Foo, with the words “Kilroy was here” scribbled near it.

 Source: kilroywashere

Whatever the origin, the Kilroy mark would be doodled by numerous U.S. servicemen on walls and other places they were stationed. Kilroy became so famous that Adolf Hitler believed it to be a U.S. codename.

Source: mentalfloss, wiki, wordpress
Was the story of Kilroy Was Here new to you or did you think it was an interesting take?? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!!


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