Bboy Sign Language (Chapter 2)

You’re at a jam, watching someone go-off in a cypher, and you look up at the Bboy motioning something. You want to ask someone what the hell it means but you’re embarrassed. Well, look no further because if you don’t know now you’ll know. Here’s a list of the unspoken language of Breakin’. Check out the first chapter here

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Showing Two Or More Fingers At The Opponent: repetitive, you already did that; “I know you tried your best but you’ve already done that today.”

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Putting Your Finger Up Against Your Ear/Pulling Your Ear: listen to the beat/your off-beat; “Dancing is about translating the music into motion so please listen better so you can translate better.”

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Grabbing The Air With Both Hands And Throwing It Off Stage: get out of here, I’m going to knock you’re ass in the crowd; “Please remove yourself from my presence.”

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Shaking Head/Index-Finger Side-To-Side: no way, not good enough, you got nothing; “You have to do better than that to challenge me, I’m not impressed.”

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Staring At The Person:
stay focused, don’t fuck up (intimidation technique); “I am watching every move you make and if you make a mistake I will be inclined to ensure everyone knows.”

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Tapping At Invisible Watch:
wasting time; “This may be the longest set I have ever seen and it would be so kind of you to allow me to have a turn.”

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Pelvic Thrust:
I raped you, I own you; “Despite your efforts I have forced my metaphoric penis in your metaphoric anus.”

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Slapping The Ground:
you crashed, you fucked up; “You have made a mistake and for the purpose of your improvement, as well as everyone watching, I have made ensured everyone is aware of it.” 

Have any signs you want to see in another chapter or just want to tell us what’s on your mind? LET US KNOW in the comments!!


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