Breakdance an Olympic sport?!?

 Source: olympics

Recently, I met a professional ballroom dancer in passing. We had a discussion about our lives, our hobbies, and after mentioning breaking he asked if I was aware breaking is becoming an Olympic sport. In response, I voiced how many people are angry about the decision.

For those unaware

The Olympic committee allowed three new sports to be added to the 2018 Buenes Aires Youth Olympics in December: Karate, Sport Climbing, and Dance Sport. Dance Sport is basically competitive ballroom dancing. They have been attempting to be recognized as an Olympic sport and submitted break dance as one of their disciplines, (it’s not). The controversy is that no one truly involved in breaking understands how it is going to be judged or who will be making the rules. You can check out the video below for a more detailed explanation.

Continuing my encounter with a ballroom dancer

He didn’t seem to surprised or to really even care why. Not to say that one person represents the entirety of Dance Sport, but I couldn’t help wonder the cause of his disinterest.

Many people involved in the culture try to hide it from the outside world. This idea is understandable considering how the media used-and-abused Hip Hop in the 80s and the fear of it happening again. However, in hiding the culture people also hide the history. Without knowing the history or the culture people have come to use-and-abuse it once again.

Should we be more open with the culture or keep it hidden like Lord of the Rings?? Tell us your opinion in the COMMENTS!!

Source: cnn


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