Tag Cloud – Going Over Graffiti to Make It Legible

In the graffiti world there are a few unwritten rules, don’t deface small business property and no writing on religious sanctuaries to name a few. Though it’s a chaotic unlawful world there is structure. Much like the rest of the Hip Hop world originality is key. French street artist Mathieu Tremblin has become famous with his creative Tag Cloud project by committing one of the ultimate offense in the graffiti world, going over someone else’s work.

Tag Cloud Project

Tag Cloud is basically a visual user-generated tag attached to online content, think hashtag (oxforddictionaries). The Tag Cloud project however, is the brainchild art of going over graffiti tags with typographic print across France. Graffiti tags typically being difficult to read while typographic print is legible, the projects acts as a translation of tags seen across the city.

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Source: thisiscolossal


The controversy lies in the graffiti world. The idea to make tags legible for the normal public is quite original but going over someone’s tag is an offense that leads to violence. Furthermore, graffiti isn’t always made for the public; rather, it’s made for other writers. This is especially true in the case of tags.

What do you think of the Tag Cloud project? Is a great idea or completely offensive? Let us know in the COMMENT below!!!


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