Bboy Growth – Fingers Strengthening

Breakin is composed of 3 main levels; Top Rock, Down Rock, and Power Moves. The majority of the dance requires a certain level of finger strength. Whether you’re new to the dance, returning from an extended absence, or just need to strengthen your digits, here are a few exercises to help.

WARNING: Hand and finger exercises can help strengthen your hands and fingers, increase your range of motion, and give you pain relief. Stretch only until you feel tightness. You shouldn’t feel pain.

Exercise 1

Finger Curls

Extend your arms straight in front of you, with your palms facing up. Curl your fingers into a fist while curling your wrists upward toward your body, release your fingers into an open hand, and press your fingers down toward the ground while your palms are still facing up. With your fingers still extended, bend your elbows pushing your open palm up and to your chest. Release and repeat the process for 10 reps.

Exercise 2

Make a Fist

Source: webmd

Make a loose fist, wrapping your thumb across your fingers. (Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Release and spread your fingers wide. Repeat with both hands at least four times to start with).

Exercise 3

Finger-tip Push-ups

Do push-ups on the tips of your fingers instead of with your entire hands. Whether you do a full-body push-up on the tips of your toes or knee push-ups, use only your fingertips to support your weight as you lower your body. Push your body so your arms are fully extended and you feel the pressure on your fingers.

Exercise 4

Claw Stretch

Source: webmd

This stretch helps improve the range of motion in your fingers. Hold your hand out in front of you, palm facing you. Bend your fingertips down to touch the base of each finger. Your hand will look a little like a claw. (Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and release. Repeat at least four times on each hand to begin with).

Exercise 5

Finger Lift

Source: webmd

This exercise helps increase range of motion and flexibility in your fingers. Place your hand flat, palm down, on a flat surface. Lift one finger at a time up from the table for 5 seconds and then lower it. You can also lift all your fingers and thumb at once, and then lower. (Repeat eight to 12 times on each hand to begin with).

Exercise 6

Finger Flex

Do thumb-to-pinkie touches and finger-to-thumb touches. Hold out your hand in front of you. Extend the thumb away from the hand as far as comfortable. Bend the thumb across the bottom of your hand to touch the base of your pinkie finger. Extend the pointer finger away from the palm of the hand as far as possible. Bend the pointer finger down to touch the fatty base of your thumb. Repeat with middle, index, and pinki finger. (Hold each pose for thirty seconds to a minute. Work up to four reps to begin with).
Sources: livestrongwebmd
Have other helpful exercises to add or questions about what’s listed? Let us know in the COMMENTS!!


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