Bboy Sign Language (Chapter 1)

You’re at a jam, watching someone go-off in a cypher, and you look up at the Bboy motioning something. You want to ask someone what the hell it means but you’re embarrassed. Well, look no further because if you don’t know now you’ll know. Here’s a list of the unspoken language of Breakin’. Checkout chapter 2 here.

Source: devilupcomedy

Cock Motion/Grabbing Crotch: choke on it, you suck;

“You are not very skilled and quite frankly I’m not to fond of you.”

Source: imgur

Pointing Back-And-Forth At Your And Another Person’s Eyes: watch and learn, I’m going to learns you something right now;
“If you pay attention to my set you will improve.”  

Source: that dancer tv

Forearms Clapping: biter, you stole that shyte;

“I know that is not your original move because I’ve seen it before from someone else.”

Source: livejournal
Slicing Your Throat With Your Finger:
 you got OWNED;
“Unfortunately, that set has proven that your skill is not unbar with mine.”

Source: wifflegif

Looking Away: I’m not impressed (intimidation technique);

“Due to the fact that my skill is so much higher than your I know I will not see anything new and do not have to watch you to best you.”

Source: imgur

Point At Somebody: this goes out to you (beat this);
“This set is specifically dedicated to you.”

 Source: tumblr

 boring, show me something better;
“Regrettably, your set was dull and not exciting in the least bit.

Source: funkystylers
Middle Finger: fuck you;
“Fuck you.”

 Source: imgur

Copying A Move: I can do that, that shits not hard;
“The complexity of that move is so low that despite not practicing it I can also do it.”

Source: medium

Smoking Imaginary ‘Cigarette’: you got smoked, you can’t best this;
“Though you gave a valent effort I have destroyed every slightly remarkable moment of your set from everyones memories.”
Know any signs you don’t see or just want to tell us what’s on your mind? LET US KNOW in the comments!!


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